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Strawberry mint cocktail

Strawberry mint cocktail
Strawberry Mint Cocktail is a refreshing and delicious drink that combines the flavors of ripe strawberries and fresh mint to create the perfect balance of sweetness and aroma. This cocktail typically includes crushed strawberries, mint leaves, a touch of simple syrup for sweetness, and a little citrus juice such as lemon or lime. Mix these ingredients with ice and then strain into a chilled glass. Garnished with a sprig of mint and fresh strawberries, this cocktail is not only a treat for the senses but also a beautiful and aromatic visual experience as well, making it a popular choice for those looking for a fruity and herbaceous drink to enjoy on warm days or during social gatherings.

You can prepare a strawberry, lemon and mint cocktail using a soda maker. Here are the ingredients and steps to make this drink:

the components:
Ice cubes: 8 pieces
250 grams of fresh strawberries
Lemon slices (as needed)
Fresh mint leaves (as needed)
Carbonated water (using Drinkmate)
Crush the ice cubes with a blender and pour them into a cup
Add the strawberries with some mint leaves to the blender and grind them with half a cup of carbonated water until the ingredients are well mixed.
Add the mixture to the cup of ice
We fill the rest of the cup with carbonated water and decorate it with lemon slices and mint leaves

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