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Are you looking for a way to enjoy healthy soft drinks in your home? Aqualine carbonated water maker is the ideal solution for you.
With the Aqualine Soda Maker, you can turn cold water into sparkling water in just seconds. You can also add different flavors to your carbonated water to create refreshing and delicious drinks

Additional 1 liter plastic bottle – stainless steel base – multiple colors

75,00 ر.س
  • Fully compatible with the OmniFizz, but requires a plastic Fizz Infuser to be compatible with the LUX. Free of harmful substances Bisphenol A (BPA), for safe use on your health Plastic bottle capacity 1000ml (1 liter)

Aqualine starter kit soda maker

549,00 ر.س
Group Contents:
  • Soft drink maker device (includes one-liter bottle and cap for preservation).
  • Cylinder filled with carbon dioxide gas (refillable).

Blueberry Premium Italian Syrup

55,99 ر.س
This product will soon be available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; An innovative and interesting product that strives to meet the needs of many people, it is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Brew any beverage and impress your guests with this home soda maker. This product is an innovative solution to the challenges that individuals face in their daily lives. It will greatly facilitate many operations and improve the quality of life. This innovative product will soon be available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide users with a unique experience and contribute to improving the quality of their lives and providing convenience and efficiency in performing daily tasks.

Co2 cylinders of 60 liters capacity – 2 pack

295,00 ر.س
The cylinder is the main factor for the soft drink machine because it works on carbonating the drinks and there is more than one type or method for making soft water, which are: Gas Integration of carbon dioxide gas into plain water through the use of a carbon dioxide gas cylinder (CO2), which is a gaseous liquid that is injected directly into the water through pressure on the machine. Through the soft drink machine , where he can control the cylinder to convert natural water into carbonated water, as it contains natural elements of water, supplied with a plastic bottle.

Makes healthy and refreshing drinks

Count on the Aqualine soft drink maker to enjoy soft drinks at home, work, or even during trips and travel.

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  • Special prices
  • multiple options
  • Shipping services to your door
  • Ease of refilling carbon dioxide gas cylinders
  • Technical support around the clock

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