If you would like to proceed directly to the repack delivery request, Our refill list can be found here .

Aqualine.sa operates the first and largest soda maker CO2 refill exchange program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

If your cylinder runs out of gas, You can order a refill online.

Here’s what you can expect and how our exchange program works:

What to expect from every Aqualine.sa cylinder

Each Aqualine.sa cylinder can serve between 40 and 60 liters before it runs out – it depends on what soda maker you use and how strong you want to carbonate your drinks. For example , With Drinkmate if you’re carbonating to the max every time, You will likely end up at the lower end of the scale. Closer to 40 liters.

It’s worth noting that carbon bypassing the soda maker’s firing valve trigger point (when you hear a hissing or whirring sound) means you’ll use more CO2 per bottle and may end up with much lower production levels, Especially if you double or triple the carbonation of your water to make it more even.

How to check if the cylinder is out

If you want to make sure that your cylinder is completely out of CO2, There are some things you can do:

1) Try retightening the cylinder and see if it still has pressure within the soda maker. Occasionally , If the roller is not installed tightly, The pressure of carbonization may cause it to gradually disintegrate. Regular checking and making sure the roller is screwed in is the easiest way to avoid this from happening.

2) If you have a kitchen scale handy, Try to weigh the cylinder. A full drum weighs between 1.15 – 1.2 kg and an empty drum weighs between 795 – 800 grams. Anything in between means you still have CO2 left in the cylinder.

Our Refill Exchange Program

When it comes to refilling you have two options:

1) You can call us/WhatsApp at (+966 544 67 1166) and we will guide you on how to order your refill cylinder.

2) You can order a refill/exchange from us online – we will deliver packed cylinders to you and pick up your empty cylinders at the same time. We send and deliver orders as quickly as possible through a network of delivery service providers to cover the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, While orders are usually delivered within 48-72 hours, Times can vary depending on the locations of Saudi cities. If you want to know how long it takes to deliver to your city, Check our shipping policy or contact us directly at our customer service number (+966 544 67 1166) for details on dispatch and delivery schedules.

The cost is the same for both options (60 SAR per package), But online orders under 100 SAR result in a delivery fee of 15 SAR so it’s best to order 2 or more refills at a time to get free delivery.

Advice for professionals and service providers in restaurants and cafes: Most of our customers who opt for regular deliveries end up owning at least 3 cylinders so they can order 2 packs at a time and still have a spare to use while the packs are delivered. Stock your cylinders here and you’ll never have to worry about running out!

Aqualine.sa We only replace Drinkmate cylinders, please!

Although they may look the same and the threads may be the same, However, there are differences in valve mechanisms and cylinder/CO2 quality may vary between brands.

For example , SodaStream cylinders have a valve mechanism that is designed in such a way as to prevent third parties like us from refilling them with our equipment. It is for this reason that unfortunately we cannot accept other brand cylinders in exchange for ours. If you don’t have a DrinkmateAqualine.sa disc yet, Please first purchase a new cylinder or cylinders here and from then on you will be able to take advantage of our refill exchange programme.

Are you ready to order a refill? Head to the menu for refills in our online store and order yours now!

for further information: Please contact customer service through the following communication channels:

: +966 544 67 1166

: +966 544 67 1166

: CS@ehmena.com