What is Drink Mate soft drink maker?

The Drinkmate by Aqualine is a soda maker that turns water or juices into soft drinks or sparkling water. You can also make your own soda from your home or any place of your own. It also uses carbon dioxide from a cartridge installed to pump carbonation into a reusable bottle.

The soda maker does not require electricity to operate – a one-push button mechanism provides users with carbonated soft drinks to their liking. The erva soda maker also has a release valve that releases excess carbonation and helps users protect them from overpressure on the system. Also soda maker machine price

Suitable for all ages because the price is very reasonable

How does the soda maker for home work?

Follow the steps to enjoy the most delicious drink through the soda maker from Aqualine sa.

1. Put water or juice into the bottle, Close the cap well and secure the bottle

2. Press the carbonation button one click to reach the desired level of carbonation

3. Press the machine pressure release button to get rid of any excess carbon.

Enjoy the drink!

When I run out of CO2 / How do I refill?

If your cylinder runs out of CO2 we can order a refill online. And visit our store and also we have an exchange request. We will send you a full cylinder and receive the empty cylinder in return at the same time.

best drink? Mojito Why is it considered

Sparling It can carbonate any cold drink, not just water, and there is no limit to the possibilities with Drink Mate

You can also build a healthier lifestyle by reducing sugary soft drinks and avoiding preservatives and chemicals while still enjoying the taste and excitement of soft drinks and more at home, at school, outdoors or at work. Get creative and make your own drink just the way you like it.

Our cylinders are refilled locally, We offer you an easy and effective way to replace carbon.

Soda maker has benefits in using it like Drink Mate, what is it?

1- A healthy alternative

It is well known that some soft drinks are full of sugar. Drink Mate gives you control over what you put in your soft drinks. You can choose to add your favorite type of juice, organic flavorings, or healthy sweeteners for a much better alternative to commercial drink brands.

2- Save money: The habit of sparkling water can turn out to be expensive. 2 Using Drink Mate reduces the cost of sparkling water to less than half the cost of buying it off the shelf.

) Reusable means no more waste. PET3- Reduce your impact on the environment: bottle use (

4- Fun for the whole family: Drinkmate can carbonate practically any beverage from water, grape juice, and coffee!

Carbon dioxide where does it come from?

We obtain food grade CO2 from one of the major suppliers and distributors here in Saudi Arabia and refill the cylinders at our in-house facility. Also, we do not use or import any carbon dioxide from any other sources until we guarantee its health, so customers can be sure that they are getting carbon dioxide with the right level of purity for consumption.

What is Soda Maker ‘s return/warranty policy?

The soda maker machine comes with a one year consumer warranty

How long does the soft drink making machine need for delivery?

Carbonated water can be made at home. Delivery schedules depend on the city you are in in Saudi Arabia

Soda maker : Saudi Arabia

Requests are handled by our in-house team. Orders received before 10 am will be delivered on the same day. On delivery of orders received after 10 am on the next business day (Sunday to Thursday)

Other cities: Delivery takes 3-5 business days. Our main branch is located in Jeddah, Therefore, cities far from Jeddah will take more days than cities near it.

My drink has little or no carbonation. How can I solve this problem?

When the carbon dioxide cylinder is empty, we must use a new cylinder. –

When the CO2 cylinder is too cold you have to wait until it reaches room temperature –

– When your drink is very warm, use colder liquid – the colder the better.

– Check to see if the CO2 cylinder is properly connected to the socket. if loose, It will not activate properly. Gently but firmly screw the cylinder of the soda maker walmart


The carbon dioxide may not mix well with your chosen beverage. Shake the bottle and allow 10 seconds for the carbon dioxide to fully mix with your drink before releasing the pressure.

– Your mojito may contain a lot of sugar, which tends to absorb more carbon dioxide than water. Add one or two more bursts of carbon dioxide and shake the bottle well before releasing the pressure from the soda maker .

Use longer bursts of carbon dioxide for health protection.

– The valves on the fizz strainer may be clogged or leaking (you can hear a hissing sound if it is leaking). Immerse the strainer in clean, filtered water for 15 minutes, or replace it for better protection

Can I use other brands of cylinders in my soda maker?

Yes, Drinkmate accepts many other brands of standard threaded cylinders, And we can accept it in our carbon dioxide exchange as well. There are exceptions – some of our competitors have a single use machine with a specific disc style that will fit only that particular machine – these will not fit the Drinkmate and vice versa the Drinkmate discs will not fit this disposable soda maker reviews


Should I clean and rinse the fizz strainer? how?

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The Fizz Infuser should be rinsed with room temperature or warm (not hot) water immediately after each use of anything other than sparkling water. Turn the slow release valve (chrome tab) up so the water runs through. This is especially important if your drink is over foaming in the Fizz Infuser. We suggest you soak the entire Fizz Infuser in clean water every month for 10 minutes to keep it completely clean.

warning: The Fizz Infuser is not dishwasher safe to keep it fresh.